EMail-to-SMS - Part 1: Poor Man's Push-EMail

When it comes to cell/smartphones and business users, the most important innovation of the past decade has unquestionably been push-EMail. Love or hate the BlackBerry, it has -...

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Useful "Run" Commands

Question: The Windows Start menu has a "Run" option - what can it be used for? Answer: More often than not, the "run" option in Windows' Start Menu is used simply to launch the...

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Outlook Express Message Rules

Question: How can I make Outlook Express sort incoming Email for me?

Answer: Outlook Express has the ability to automatically sort Email for you based on "Message Rules."

To create a...

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Multiple IM Accounts with Gaim

Question: How can i use multiple instant messenger accounts at the same time?

Answer: There are several different, incompatible instant messaging networks available on the Internet -...

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FTP in My Network Places

Question: How can I store FTP connection information in Windows Explorer?

Answer: If you use Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer as an FTP client, then you can use the My Network...

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Question: Is there a way to save the programs and files I have open when I turn my computer off?

Answer: In Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Microsoft provides a feature called...

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