Updating Expression Engine - The Fast Way

Ellis Labs' ExpressionEngine is one of the best CMS packages available; if you've done development work with it, then you're probably already familiar with its advantages over other...

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A Fix for HTML Issues with the WordPress Visual Editor

If you’ve done web development work with WordPress, you’ve probably run into this situation: you create a form or some other type of complex content in an external editor, test it as a...

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Lego Laptop: Using a Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard with an Apple iPad2 and a Blackberry Playbook (and a Xoom)

The objective of this test was to see if we could use the same keyboard - in this case a Motorola bluetooth keyboard - with either our iPad2 or our Playbook.It took some...

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Favourite Firefox Extensions - Number 6 - FlashBlock / AdBlockPlus

I've been using Mozilla Firefox for a long time now, since the days when its version number started with zero & it was still called "Phoenix". In that time, I have been fairly...

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Linux/UNIX Script to Check Website Availability

Recently I ran into some some problems with an HTTPS (SSL) website hosted on a Linux server running CPanel. In a nutshell, HTTPS worked fine initially - but it would stop working every...

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A Simple Timer/Reminder

If you work in IT, you'll probably find this scenario very familiar: you have a task to complete, but you're not sure how long it will take - and you have other things to do in the...

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