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Blocking Form Spam With the Tectite Formmail.php Script

In many ways, spam sent through website contact forms is some of the most annoying spam out there - compared to regular spam, the actual EMail message is typicaly coming from your own...

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EMAIL: A Macmail to Thunderbird Migration Process THAT ACTUALLY WORKS

​Macmail blew up on me again a week ago, and appeared to lose three busy days worth of email. That was the last straw.

But switching to another email client was a lot more difficult...

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How to Upload Your Website (VIDEO)

This short video will show you the basics of using FTP to upload your website to your hosting account.

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ExpressionEngine - Display Flickr stream with FeedParser

Recently, a Flickr-powered photo gallery stopped working on a site that we developed. Investigating the problem a bit further, it appears that the add-on we were using (Brett Dewoody’s...

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Firefox – Stop Pages from Hijacking the “Tab” Key

This one has been a personal pet-peeve of mine for a while now: text fields that hijack the “Tab” key, breaking the Ctrl-Tab & Ctrl-Shift-Tab keyboard shortcuts (to switch between...

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A Beginner's Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging/CMS (Content Management System) applications in existence; according to some statistics, WordPress accounts for more than 50 per cent of...

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