Tech Tips

FTP in My Network Places

Question: How can I store FTP connection information in Windows Explorer?

Answer: If you use Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer as an FTP client, then you can use the My Network Places folder in Windows to store FTP connection profiles.

To add a new profile, click on the "Start" button and then click on "My Network Places." Now click "Add a Network Place" on the left side and click "Next" in the window that appears. Click on the words "Choose another location" and then click "Next". In the next screen, type in the address of the FTP server, E.g. "", and click on the "Next". Un-check the box next to the words "Log on anonymously" and then type in your user ame. In the next screen, give this connection a descriptive name (E.g., "my ftp site").

Click the "Finish" button and now you can connect to the site right from My Network Places.


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