Tech Tips

Multiple IM Accounts with Gaim

Question: How can i use multiple instant messenger accounts at the same time?

Answer: There are several different, incompatible instant messaging networks available on the Internet - MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and others. People with friends on more than one service often resort to running multiple chat programs at once. Fortunately, there is a program called GAIM which allows you to connect to multiple chat networks at once.

First, download GAIM from and install it. When you start GAIM, it will bring you to the login screen - click on the "Accounts" button to get started. In the Accounts window click on the "Add" button to create an account, fill in your details (chat system, username, password, etc), and click "Save" when you're done. From the Accounts window, you can add more accounts or control whether existing accounts are signed on by clicking the checkbox to the right of each account.


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