Tech Tips


Question: Is there a way to save the programs and files I have open when I turn my computer off?

Answer: In Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Microsoft provides a feature called "Hibernate." Hibernating your computer is similar to shutting it down, except that Windows saves a record of all the files and programs you had open before it shuts down. When you start your computer back up after hibernating, the files and programs you had open will also be restored. And as an added bonus, starting up after hibernating is faster than a normal startup.

To hibernate your computer, click on your "Start" button and then click "Shut Down." In the "Shut Down" window, click the drop down list and click "Hibernate" (instead of "Shut down" or "Restart"), then click the "Ok" button. Windows will now save your computer's current state and shut down when it's finished.


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