Saving Web Pages

Question: How can I save web pages to my computer?

Answer: When you're browsing the internet and you click on a link to an audio or video file, chances are that the file ends up...

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Make Windows XP Behave Like 2k or '98

Question: How do I make Windows XP look and behave like Windows 2000/98?

Answer: With Windows XP, Microsoft introduced several changes and new features. To people who are used to...

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Increasing Color Depth

Question: How can I improve the appearance of colours on my computer screen?

Answer: As we all learned in elementary school, you can make nicer pictures with thirty different colours...

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Disable Windows Messenger

Question: Advertisements that look like normal Windows messages keep popping up on my screen, even when I'm not at the computer. How can I stop this?

Answer: These ads are delivered...

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Disable Attachment Blocking

Question: Outlook Express refuses to let me open files that have been emailed to me. How can I open them?

Answer: In an attempt to help curb the spread of viruses sent through email,...

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The Windows Task Manager

Question: How can I view information about the programs running on my PC?

Answer: While the Windows Taskbar shows a list the open programs on your computer, sometimes you may need to...

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