Freelancing 2.0 - Standing Up For Standing Desks

Four years of using a standing desk helped me lose weight and keep it off. And after reading an article this week in the National Post newspaper called "Standing Up for Sitting Down"...

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Freelancing 2.0 - Embrace the Errors of Your Ways

Can you imagine a baby going from crawling, to walking, to running without a single stumble or fall? Sounds ridiculous, because it is.

Yet we seem to think that somehow we can avoid...

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Freelancing 2.0 - How to Buy (The Right) Technology in 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever bought technology - a new laptop, mobile phone, software, gaming console - only to develop a serious case of buyer's remorse once you took it out of the box and fired it...

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Freelancing 2.0 - Why I Did Everything So I Don’t Have To Do Everything

Many of the freelancers I know - and I've come to know a lot of them over the years - try to do too much of everything. They might be writers, but they also want to do their own books,...

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While the majority of spam EMail today originates "overseas" (from the context of North Americans, at least), there is still a substantial amount of "grey-area spam from...

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7 Reasons Why Buying a New Mobile Phone Sucks

I've used mobile devices for a very long time: from steno-pad-and-pen to a 26-pound luggable computer, from the Palm Pilot to an iPad, from a Motorola bag phone to an iPhone. During...

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