The Battle of the Bots…And Best Tools for Transcripts

As if having to learn how to use ChatGPT wasn't enough, a new A.I. tool seems to launch every 15 minutes.

Some are free, some are freemium, some are hellishly expensive.

The digital landscape is undergoing tectonic shifts as the old and new giants do battle over our eyeballs and our wallets.

Meantime, a major concern for a lot of members: transcripts. They want a tool that's fast, accurate, reliable, works in real-time and for recordings, and is free. Is that a fantasy? We've been doing the tests.

Writer/author/academic Dr. Nadine Robison teamed up with me again to talk about the proliferation of new tools with new powers and new risks, then turned our attention to transcripts from recordings.

We'll share the results of our hands-on experiments with free and paid tools. Bonnie Zink will join to tell you about her experiences with, which has a free but very limited version.

And we'll give you an overview of the bigger picture, plus deliver a couple of bonus tips about new, more capable, and free chatbots for the desktop and on the go.


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