SEO Spam Websites 2018-04-16

We've recently noticed a trend of SEO spammers becoming more and more bold - while most of them are still careful enough to avoid putting easily reportable links to their websites in the spam they send out, many are now sending out spam from their own domain names (instead of hiding behind throwaway accounts from spam-friendly webmail providers like GMail & Hotmail). While spammers certainly aren't the brightest bulbs, they do have a keen sense of self-preservation - in the same way that cockroaches aren't known for being especially intelligent, but they do still have the sense to run & hide when the lights come on. So it seems reasonable to conclude that spammers would not be making this change unless they had good reason to believe it was safe - and most likely, they're taking advantage of hosts that have a consistent track record of failing to address spam complaints promptly (or at all, in the case of providers like NameCheap & BlueHost).

That being the case, we've decided to start keeping a record of the domain names used by the SEO & web development spammers who have contacted us - as well as publishing the details of the providers who host them, many of whom continue to host those sites despite being aware that their services are being used in support of spamming. Read on for the details.

Today's first SEO spam domain name is - the spam EMail was received from Google/GMail, and the hosting provider for the website appears to be - a report has been sent to them via

The second SEO spam domain is - in this case, the spam EMail came from the same the same/provider that hosts the website, A report has been sent to them via

The third SEO spam domain is - also hosted by - a report has been sent to them via

And today's fourth SEO spam domain (at least so far) is - hosted by /

In the near future, we'll update this post with the results of our reports against those spam sites - including which providers address the issue responsibility, and which providers are happy to knowingly continue providing service to spammers.


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