OVH & the “Three Stooges” Approach to Network Abuse

When you run a mail server and spend several hours a day blocking & reporting spam, patterns become noticeable after a while - in particular, which providers are good at addressing...

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Comment Spam Advertising

Comment spam advertising hosting companies seems to be a common theme recently - earlier this month, we reported on spam advertising Bulgarian hosting provider "BGCloud," and now we've...

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Comments Spam advertising - Bulgarian Hosting Company

As hosting providers ourselves, it's fair to say that a large amount of our time is eaten up dealing with spam of all types - whether it be traditional EMail spam, or contact form...

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Late last week, we received a report from a hosting customer that they received spam advertising This was unusual, as most spam we see has its source obfuscated in some...

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Freelancing 2.0 - Standing Up For Standing Desks

Four years of using a standing desk helped me lose weight and keep it off. And after reading an article this week in the National Post newspaper called "Standing Up for Sitting Down"...

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Freelancing 2.0 - Embrace the Errors of Your Ways

Can you imagine a baby going from crawling, to walking, to running without a single stumble or fall? Sounds ridiculous, because it is.

Yet we seem to think that somehow we can avoid...

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