The Pharamaceutical Spammer - interview by forum

It wasn't easy registering for the Westhost forums (westhostspam@oneofourdomains) didn't work, so I was forced to be a bit more creative and circumspect.

And while conducting an...

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On the trail of an online pharmaceutical spammer

I'm not sure how much info to provide here - since I don't want to tip my hand - so this will be a bit vague for now:

Several months ago, spam started coming in from a pharmaceutical...

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Abusing the Do Not Call List

Despite the hue and cry about telemarketers using Canada's offical Do Not Call List as a source of valid names and phone numbers (CBC story), my home number is on the list.

But that...

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Some of the spammers we're tracking and why

We've been annoyed by spammers nearly as long as we've been online - and that's more than 20 years. We've been managing our own mail servers since 1994 and have watched with dismay as...

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Mark Stevens @ obviously doesn't like receiving spam like the collect call spam he's been sending to my cellphone...which might be why there's no company email address on...

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Mercedes cellphone spam from /

Despite the high cost of mobile data communications in Canada, some of us get email to our cellphones.

On the one hand, it's convenient. On the other, we get to pay for...

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