Again with the TJ's coverage of FibreOp…

The headline:

"Meeting customer demands"

The sub-head:

"Telecom as cell phones become more prevalent and landlines obsolete, Bell aliant (sic) is moving in the right direction,...

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Bell Aliant fibre to the home/office project - TJ gets it wrong again

Ah, the Telegraph Journal. It's been a hard week for them with the editor fired and the publisher suspended - by his father, no less - for some creative editing that resulted in an...

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Irving Newspaper apologizes to Prime Minster Harper: Oops. We made it up.

This has all the hallmarks of a darkly modern divine comedy.

We have a former Governor General - the late Romeo LeBlanc - laid to rest in his small home town in New Brunswick...

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The Pharamaceutical Spammer - interview by forum

It wasn't easy registering for the Westhost forums (westhostspam@oneofourdomains) didn't work, so I was forced to be a bit more creative and circumspect.

And while conducting an...

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On the trail of an online pharmaceutical spammer

I'm not sure how much info to provide here - since I don't want to tip my hand - so this will be a bit vague for now:

Several months ago, spam started coming in from a pharmaceutical...

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Abusing the Do Not Call List

Despite the hue and cry about telemarketers using Canada's offical Do Not Call List as a source of valid names and phone numbers (CBC story), my home number is on the list.

But that...

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