AI in Everyday Life - Part 1 of 5

The first of five two-hour sessions about AI in Everyday Life. Discussions, demostrations, relevant videos and video clips, documents and some very recent news about the world of AI.

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A.I. Show & Tell:  It’s Not That Scary…

More and more freelancers are finding productive ways to use the avilable A.I. tools, and are willing to share what theyv'e learned.

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A Basic A.I. and ChatGPT Workshop for Writers

Hello, newcomers to ChatGPT and the Basics of AI. This beginners workshop was intended as a starting point.

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Putting A.I. to work for you

The scramble was on to learn how to use these tools. Owen Brierly returned with a hands-on workshop

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Is A.I. Coming for your Freelance Clients?

The release of ChatGPT 3.5 by Open AI in the fall of 2022 was seismic. Is this the end of the world, or the greatest wave of human creativity in history?

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