GMail Filters Flagging Legitimate EMails as “Dangerous”

For more than six months now, since Novembe 2019, GMail has repeatedly been blocking legitimate EMails from us, and consistently ignoring all of our requests that they fix the issue....

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Google Knowingly Distributing Malware AGAIN - 7 days (and counting)

In the past, we've written about a previous incident where we noticed malicious files that were being hosted on Google drive, and distributed via links in spam EMails (unsurprisingly...

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Update on Spam-Support Website(s) Hosted by

Back in November of 2017, we wrote about the provider - and the difficultly we had encountered in getting them to do anything about a website that they hosted, which we...

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How ICANN and GoDaddy Shield Scammers

It didn't take long for the domain name registry - the key to all things Internet related - to become soiled by greed. Between GoDaddy's generally successful efforts to hide domain...

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SEO Spam Websites 2018-04-16

We've recently noticed a trend of SEO spammers becoming more and more bold - while most of them are still careful enough to avoid putting easily reportable links to their websites in...

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UPDATE 2018-06-28: see the follow-up post here.

Another day, another large hosting provider knowingly providing service & support to spammers, by turning a blind eye to spam...

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