Google Knowingly Distributing Malware AGAIN - 7 days (and counting)

In the past, we've written about a previous incident where we noticed malicious files that were being hosted on Google drive, and distributed via links in spam EMails (unsurprisingly...

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Update on Spam-Support Website(s) Hosted by

Back in November of 2017, we wrote about the provider - and the difficultly we had encountered in getting them to do anything about a website that they hosted, which we...

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How ICANN and GoDaddy Shield Scammers

It didn't take long for the domain name registry - the key to all things Internet related - to become soiled by greed. Between GoDaddy's generally successful efforts to hide domain...

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SEO Spam Websites 2018-04-16

We've recently noticed a trend of SEO spammers becoming more and more bold - while most of them are still careful enough to avoid putting easily reportable links to their websites in...

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UPDATE 2018-06-28: see the follow-up post here.

Another day, another large hosting provider knowingly providing service & support to spammers, by turning a blind eye to spam...

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Hotmail/ - The #1 Choice of SEO Spammers

In the past, we've written a number of articles about SEO & web development spammers, primarily based in India. As we've written previously, SEO & web dev spam is substantially less...

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