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As hosting providers ourselves, it's fair to say that a large amount of our time is eaten up dealing with spam of all types - whether it be traditional EMail spam, or contact form spam, or website comment spam. As a result, there are few that we take a dimmer view of than other hosting providers spamming us with advertisements for their services (don't worry, "HebergPlus," we haven't forgotten about you either). Which brings us to today and a hosting provider called BGCloud, who appear to be based in Bulgaria: earlier this morning, the following comment was posted to our site:

A years ago I used shared hosting, but recently I’ve moved to virtual private server, due to obvious reasons, and as you can guess, security is the most important of them.

The name attached to the comment was "VPS" and the spammer entered a link to BGCloud's website in the URL field. Unfortunately for this "online marketer," we don't actually display information entered into that field - but it does make good bait for comment spammers. Incidentally, the comment was posted from an IP address in Bulgaria - the same country where BGCloud is located. We have sent a message to BGCloud requesting an explanation; in the unlikely event that we receive any response, we will update this post.


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