Tech Tips

Adding a New User in Windows XP

Question: How can I add a new user account in WindowsXP?

Answer: WindowsXP has the ability to create multiple user accounts, which are useful in situations where one computer is shared by more than one person. By giving each person a user account, they can have their own separate files, saved EMail, etc; user accounts also let you restrict access to the computer for younger users (note: only Administrators can add new users).

To add a new account, click on your "Start" button, then "Control Panel," and in the Control Panel open "User Accounts." Click on the words "Create a new account" and you will be asked to type in a user name. Click on the "Next" button and you will be asked to choose the type of user account - Administrator or Limited (Limited users cannot install programs or make other changes). Once you have made your choice, click "Create Account."


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