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Notice Regarding Unsolicited Commercial EMail (Spam)

If we have sent you a link to this page, it is likely because you have sent us one or more unsolicited commercial EMail messages - also known as "SPAM".

As a hosting provider, we have a zero-tolerance policy for Unsolicited Commercial EMail (Spam) - this applies especially to spam that advertises SEO or web development services.

There are many different criteria for determining whether or not an EMail message is spam, however we follow the simplest and most widely-recognized definition: if the EMail message is unsolicited (meaning the recipient did NOT explicitly consent/request to receive the EMail) and if it's a commercial advertisement, then it's spam. And no amount of "this is not spam" disclaimers will transform spam into legitimate EMail. This also applies to spam that is "compliant" with the US CAN-SPAM act - which allows any spam that contains a valid unsubscribe link & that has a valid sender address, and which has no relevance in Canada (where we are located). In fact, our mail servers are specifically configured to consider an EMail message spam if it contains a CAN-SPAM disclaimer.

If you choose to send spam to us - or our hosting customers - despite these warnings, please be advised that it will result in your EMail being reported to your hosting provider & anti-spam blacklists/reporting services, as well as being trained against our spam filters to ensure that you are unable to send spam to our servers in the future. We may also report spam for violation of the CASL/FISA (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation/Fighting Internet Spam Act). And for those who attempt to get around our spam filters by sending us Unsolicited Commercial EMail through our website's contact form, we will likely reply - but only for the purpose of getting an EMail back that we can then report & train our servers' spam filters against.

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