7 Reasons Why Buying a New Mobile Phone Sucks

I've used mobile devices for a very long time: from steno-pad-and-pen to a 26-pound luggable computer, from the Palm Pilot to an iPad, from a Motorola bag phone to an iPhone....

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Hurricane Arthur Just Left - Here's What We Learned

The wind was rising on Friday night when we went to bed, and was a roaring monster by dawn when we lost power. The top of one of our poplars broke off and smashed part of a neighbour&...

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.CA is good, .COM is better, Both is BEST

If you're using email, the web, file sharing and social networks to connect to customers and prospects, then you probably have a domain name. And if you don't have the .COM...

Continue Reading - Google's link-shortening feature - used to spread malware

Spam watchers are noting a new trend: using Google's link shortening tool to hide the real location of links to malicious software.

The links are in a variety of spam attacks,...

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Benefits of .COM

In the past few months, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has opened floodgates and let loose a deluge of new domain name extensions (or gTLDs)....

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HostMonster - Service & Support Issues

While we’re still only in the early months of 2014, a clear frontrunner has emerged for dubious honour of worst hosting provider I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with...

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