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Smartypants.com is a Fredericton-based company focusing on web and tech support services for residential and small business customers.

We began hosting web sites in 1993. The face of the Internet may have changed dramatically in the intervening years, but the basics have remained the same: reliable, cost-effective service with rapid response if and when there is a problem.

Through our partners and affiliates we also provide services such as web design and development, eCommerce, and creative services for new and traditional media.

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NameCheap.com - Spam-Friendly Provider, hosting GetMyBusinessFundedNow[dot]com

Another day, another large hosting provider knowingly providing service & support to spammers, by turning a blind eye to spam complaints. The latest provider to demonstrate that...

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Hotmail/Outlook.com - The #1 Choice of SEO Spammers

In the past, we've written a number of articles about SEO & web development spammers, primarily based in India. As we've written previously, SEO & web dev spam is...

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Google Drive Allows Malware to Remain Online for 91 Days (and counting) -  [UPDATED 2017-11-10]

Recently, we've started seeing a new type of spam-driven EMail scam involving fake purchase orders. We've seen two or three different examples of the scam, but they all share...

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